Thursday, February 3, 2011

Randy Thompson

I had heard about Hand in Hand for years but never was able to find it. Then I was introduced to Gordon Barr through a girlfriend's Dad who knew I did Christian music and he worked with Gordon. He had Gordon over for dinner and introduced us. Gordon told me about HIH and I immediately told Rand Mozingo about it and we both decided to check it out and then we auditioned. We did a couple of Sat. nights together introducing ourselves as "Rand and Randy" and all night long switching names so people were confused about who was who. That was fun!

Then we began to talk about forming a band - SPARROWE. I was overwhelmed with college and work and wasn't able to make the commitment to the band so they went ahead without me. (I have always wished things had been different and I could have been a part of the group.) I started doing Sat. nights as a solo artist and was booked often at HIH. Then one Sat. night when I was scheduled at the West side Hand in Hand at Trinity Bible, I came in early to get set up and there were these two really cute girls going through their music and I introduced myself to them. I have since found out that they were kind of disappointed because they thought they were opening for Glory Road. They introduced themselves as Linda Larson & Friend. I couldn't help wondering which one was Linda and why the other was only - Friend. Then I found out that they were both named Linda Larson, grew up a few miles from each other in Wisconsin, and no one was getting top billing. I also knew one of them was engaged to be married from their sharing during their set that night.

They were in the process of putting a cassette together of their music and I was interested in finding out more about how they were going about recording and so I called and asked for the Linda that was not engaged. Then I ended up asking her for a date, which was not in my thinking when I called. (OK, maybe that was in the back of my mind.) That began the relationship that lead to us getting married about a year and a half later. (Tell me God doesn't have a plan and He is really good at making things happen perfectly!)

31 years and three children later... and having served on staff at HIH, and Open Door as High School director, Janitor, Worship Pastor and now as the Lead Pastor, doing University Fellowship on ASU campus, Open Door at Night, PC Fellowship on the Phoenix College Campus, and Randy Thompson Ministries for 10 years traveling and singing at churches all over the Southwest and Midwest, and 7 CD's later we are still newlyweds, and still dreaming of how we will be used to share Christ and minister the message of the Gospel in the next season of our lives.

All of this because I walked through the doors of that funky building with patchwork carpeting, barn wood and burlap and murals on the walls, and a really neat wood stage and a sound booth that was in a little room you had to climb a ladder to get into. My life was changed for having the opportunity to be used to share both my talent and my passion for Christ, my Savior. I got to share the Gospel and invite people to give their lives to Jesus and to see many, many young people give their lives to Christ, follow them up, and see God turn their lives around and become part of the Body of Christ, and get involved in this community of believers called Open Door Fellowship.

Linda and I have been so blessed to have been a part of this incredible place and God's perfect plan for us. All this because a few people had the dream of reaching their friends for Christ through music and allowing me to be a part of that dream. It set the path for the rest of my life and I thank God every day.

In Christ,
Randy Thompson

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  1. Thanks Randy, And you know what just struck me? You may not have found Hand in Hand without my sister, Diane's father-in-law. Crazy how God weaves all of our paths together in one way or another.

    I still love your music and your heart for God. Thanks for giving your life away over all these many years. I'm privileged to call you friend.