Friday, September 23, 2011

New Jerusalem Band

Hello Terry & Nancy,

The reunion was an awesome event and it was nice to see both of you again after so many years! Since very few of our New Jerusalem Band members could attend and we never had a complete band photo taken, I thought it would be cool to create something instead.

So, by utilizing photo shop (with some help from a friend) I was able to create the attached poster.

If you could post it on the Hand in Hand sites it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!
Dan Ehrlich

Monday, August 15, 2011

Randy Thompson's blog

Randy Thompson would love for you to know that he has started a blog ~

God has been doing a lot in my heart over the last few months. In "A Believer's Journey" I am writing about the journey Christ has called us on, and the Great Adventure of following Him on this amazing journey toward the final goal - life abundant and full in HIM! My hope is that what I am writing will help us focus on the Author and Finisher of our faith - JESUS! ~ Thanks, Randy

Monday, April 25, 2011

Peter Robb

Many of you were sure hoping to see Peter Robb at the Hand in Hand reunion. Well, he wanted you to know that he "hopes the reunion was a great success filled with lots of happy memories"... and then he caught us up on the past 30 years of his life.
The quick report on Peter's Life - 30 Years Later: 
Married to Genevieve for 22 years. She came into the marriage with a substantial dowry - 3 kids! She's a little older than me so I started family life at age 32 with a daughter in college (Indra), a daughter in high school (Krishna) and a son in 6th grade (Marques). We adopted Marissa whom we brought home from the hospital as a newborn. (She is now 19.)

We moved to Eugene in 1993 for graduate school in choral conducting and never left. Marissa grew up here and is just getting ready to get her own apartment. The older kids all eventually moved to Eugene where we enjoy a rich family life with six grandkids. (My official grandparent moniker is Pop Pop.)

We have been running an international treble choir festival for fourteen years now in collaboration with the renowned Oregon Bach Festival. And we are in season twelve of a community youth choir organization called Oregon Festival Choirs. It has been a very rewarding and extremely demanding vocational path. Getting through the past couple years has been some of the toughest and richest experiences of our lives. You can click Oregon Festival Choirs to get a better picture of what I do.

I packed in my composition work for about a decade. I returned to composing in 2008 and it has been a fascinating journey. Had a couple of high profile performances in the past month at Carnegie Hall and the national conference of the American Choral Directors Assn in Chicago. (Check out my profile photo albums for a travelogue of the NYC adventure.) It was all a bit surreal and seems like another life now that I'm back to the daily routine of running our non-profit community music organization in little ole Eugene.

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.
All the best,

Well, after the reunion Randy remastered Peter Robb's Collage, that was recorded back in 1983, and made CD's for Tom Allen and Rand Mozingo. Then we asked Peter if we could make them available on the Hand in Hand Discography... which is a list of Hand in Hand CD's that you can order. He agreed after he heard the recording for himself! Yes!

He also wanted to include the following credits-
Matter of Time and Batter my Heart were recorded by the band 80F ~ Rand Mozingo, Gordon Barr, Matt Chew, Jerry Shurley, Johnny Heath and Jeff Casey on drums. The other songs were my own tracks from various sessions.

Thanks Peter! So fun reconnecting with you. Let us know whenever you're in town and we'll plan a mini-reunion just for you! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hand in Hand Discography


You can order all the above CD's by contacting Randy Thompson at ~

You can order Bernie Rolfe's CD by contacting him at ~

You can order Sparrowe or Rand's CD by contacting him at ~

Monday, April 18, 2011

Marty Brandt

Hand in Hand Memories- Marty Brandt

I first saw the New Beginning about 1974 at Greenway High School. It was lunchtime and a band had set up in the little amphitheater outside the drama building.
They were a bit older – a few were balding already (sorry guys) - and were playing what at the time were not considered very cool guitars – hollow-body Gretsches. I had gone to church my whole life and played in the church band, but it wasn’t a cool image to talk or sing about God, so I kind of joined in as friends made fun of the band for being Jesus Freaks, but inside I thought it took some guts for them to be out there with their faith.

At that time I was also in a cover/garage band playing some High School and Junior High dances, so any band playing was interesting to me. (As a side note, we were huge Yes and Chicago fan and we were playing “Yours is No Disgrace” and “Dialogue Parts 1 an 2” at Jr. High dances followed by “Come and Get Your Love” and other pop songs. That was pretty nuts).
I remember a tune about flying on a plane and another about a “steel-driving” man (later I figured it must have been “Flight 657” and “Benjie Ducaine”)

On May 6, 1974, I went to the Billy Graham crusade here in Phoenix, where I understood the gospel for the first time and gave my life to Christ. Later that summer, at Montlure church camp up by Greer, AZ, I met a couple guys named Henry Rojas (before he was “The Original Gorilla”) and Ken Moore who really helped explain what had happened to me and what the gospel was really about – Jesus, the one and only way to God. And they were singing this great praise music directly to the Lord, and I finally figured out a new purpose for my love for music. What do you know, I became a Jesus Freak too.
When I came back to school that fall, I was alive and happy for the first time in my life - at least that’s what it felt like. I was wearing Jesus clothes, necklaces and everything and scribbling “Praise the Lord” and other sayings all over my books.

Early that school year, I saw a poster on a building there for a Campus Crusade for Christ meeting called “Student Life” (or something like that) and decided to go – even though I didn’t know anyone. One of the first meetings I attended, Bernie Rolfe was singing and sharing. He sang a song about a little boy that is out on a boat and a storm comes up and he hopes his “little boaty will float” and is trusting Jesus. (If I remember right, the boat sinks anyway and the kid goes to heaven to be with Jesus. Kinda strange and a bit twisted Bernie, but I liked it anyway.)
These meetings are where I later met Terry Hann, Rob Brunner and Bob Cochran, (future Glory Road, of course). Terry was out of High School already I think - he had that beard even back then. He came and spoke at the CCC meeting once and sang some Barry McGuire (“Jesus People”) and Randy Matthews (“Sunny Day” – I still love that tune).

Soon I was leading songs at the meetings and heard about this place you could go on a Saturday night and hear Christian bands playing (and eat cookies!). You could bring friends who weren’t so sure about this Jesus stuff and they would be cool with it, since there was music. That became a regular Saturday night gig, going with Jeff Bentley and Rick Hopkins to Hand in Hand and then hanging out at Hobo Joes until late into the night. (“Hobo Joe says ’Hot Meatloaf Sandwich!’”)
In 1975, I went to the Campus Crusade Christmas conference in Arrowhead Springs and Glory Road played a concert for us (I think this was before Greg joined). John Heath was playing a beautiful wood grain semi-hollow Telecaster Thinline with hum-buckers (sorry – guitar gear memories are very clear to me).

After High School, I went to Grand Canyon College (now University) but still hung out at Hand in Hand on Saturday nights. In late 1976 or early 1977, someone (Bob C maybe?) told me that one of the bands was looking for a rhythm guitar player. I connected up with Steve Tessitore, played him some Pat Terry and other tunes and got into New Song. I was gonna play with three of the people from the New Beginning - I was floored!

The band at that time was Steve and Barb Tessitore, Joyce Allen, Dave Burke on bass and Paul (last name escapes me) and me on guitar. We practiced a lot - I think Steve had us practicing twice a week, which seemed to amaze other bands - and played a few concerts with this line-up, including at least one out of town gig. The style was kind of country, but with enough rock to be interesting. (On that out-of-town trip, Paul played us some Phil Keaggy tunes he had on cassette and I had a new guitar hero).

Our setlist included a few tunes Bernie had written and arranged for the band (“Weary Traveler”, “Seekin’”), a few of Steve’s originals (“Fingers to the Bone”, “On the Road”, “Hand in Hand”), a few Dave’s  originals (“Diggin’ a Hole, “Ephesians 2”) and some covers off Maranatha or other Jesus Music albums (“Pearly Mansions”, “King of Hearts”). A real grab bag.
Paul moved away fairly soon but left us his wonderful song “Open Up”, which we later arranged into a beautiful acoustic piece, and I stepped up to lead guitar. I thought I was a much better guitar player than I actually was and fumbled around for a while, but Steve graciously gave me room to grow and eventually I got better.

Later, piano player/singer Rory (again, can’t remember his last name) joined the band - added a very cool sound and a gorgeous voice– as did Rob Shepler, who brought his love for banjo, guitar and harmonica into play. The line-up I remember lasting the longest - but I could be wrong - was Steve, Barb, Joyce, Dave, Rob and me. This group worked up some very cool arrangements to some new Steve songs (“Prairie of Prayer”, “Great Divide”) and other covers (“Empty Vessels”, “Keep on Walkin”). I even wrote a fun little rock ‘n’ roll song (“Rock Star”) about the futility of the Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle, personified by Elvis who died that year.

It was great time and I loved everything about it, but in the fall of 1978, a couple of the members wanted to spend time with their families, so we took a “short” break that is still going on in 2011.
I got my degree in Math, started a career as an Actuary and was raising my own family. I sometimes played guitar and bass in church (backing Lee Chesnut several times), but basically moved on with my life. I played later with Steve and Barb in another band (for a short time including Dom Franco on steel guitar – he was awesome), but life got too crazy and I dropped out.

As much as I loved playing music in New Song, and sharing with the audiences between songs, the most important moments were in getting to know real Christ- following people as good friends.
I emphasize the “real” part - no one was hiding behind some sort of religious mask. They were authentic, unlike so many of the people I seemed to know growing up, and I was learning that following Christ wasn’t a formula – a set of rules – but was about learning in real time what it meant to forgive, apologize, discipline and love my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Many years later, after suffering the loss of a young child and my first marriage – when I had lost all trust in “church people” and was struggling to believe - Steve was one of the few Christian friends I trusted. I knew that even if he might not agree with all my decisions, his words – even the tough love kind – were because he cared about me and loved me as a brother. That was an important lynchpin in learning to trust the Lord again. Without that unconditional love, from Steve and a few others, I honestly don’t know where my faith would be.

I always remember those New Song days with extreme fondness. For whatever reason, though I love music more than anything besides my family and the Lord himself, God’s plan has so far not included my playing out in public very much since that time. But I am content and am thankful to Him for the short period I was hanging out at Hand in Hand, off Indian School Road and 26th Street, playing music and trying to find my way as a young Christian.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Reunion- Marsha Lees

David & Marsha Lees definitely got the award for coming the farthest-
all the way from Dover, Delaware!
And were they ever loved and welcomed for coming!
How cute is Marsha being greeted by Bill Folz and Denny Collins!
(thanks Joyce for capturing such a sweet moment)
And thanks Marsha for the rest of these memorable moments.

Carol Nelsen & David Lees
When David performed later that night, I think we can all agree 
that it was amazing! Thanks David!

John Heath & Caroline

Greg Williams & Stu Golladay

Gary Dodd & Tom Carr

Mickie & Bruce & Mike 

John McDonald & Bob Cochran & Jay Haugen

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Reunion- Debby Wehunt

I was personally thrilled to have Joe & Debby at the reunion.
What a sweet couple!
But like most photographers too busy taking pictures of everyone else,
I had to find this picture that Marsha Lees had taken of them. 
Great picture Marsha!

Wayne Danley & Michelle Mozingo reuniting.

Joe surprised the members of Sparrowe by remastering a recording he found
 of a concert they did back in the Hand in Hand days and making it into a CD.
His daughter did the CD artwork and it is so awesome! Thanks Joe!

Loved having Marty Brandt perform during the concert portion of the evening.
And this slide of Gordon Barr playing his bass made us miss him all the more.
Gordon was a huge part of Hand in Hand and he will be forever missed.

I love everything about this photo...
Greg & Wayne loving each other and check out the big smiles on Terry & Joe! So cool!

Saved my favorite for last... what a great picture Debby!
Thank you for sharing your love of photography with us.
(remember, click each pic for a better look)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Reunion- Nancy Hann

Terry ~ Brian ~ John ~ Rob
Greg ~ Bob
Nancy was not only in charge of organizing the Hand in Hand reunion
but Terry & Nancy also had the members of Glory Road over to their home 
for a rehearsal the day before! What a great picture Nancy!

Nancy's caption on this facebook photo-

Doesn't this look like the perfect place for a party! 
In addition to all the work they did on the food, and the yard, 
Rand and Michelle labored long and hard just days before the reunion
 to lay this 60 foot patio floor. And it was gorgeous!

Be sure to click all the photos for an even better look at everyone!

How fun to see Gary & Nancy Dodd and Tom Carr at the reunion!

Nancy wrote on this facebook photo-

For those of you who couldn't make it, here's the view looking back toward the house. On the right is the screen where we watched the slide show and in front of the shed was where the musicians played. 
Thanks Randy for putting together an amazing slide show! And thanks Don for providing all the A/V equipment and the lighting. Bernie Rolfe and Tom Allen were in charge of the program. And it was awesome! 
(check back for more reunion posts)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Reunion- Joyce Allen

Joyce Allen was so intentional about making sure she got pictures of everyone
 at the reunion.
These are among my very favorites.

Bernie Rolfe & Joyce Dickenson

Dennis Martin & Gary Dodd ~ Bill Folz, Tim Morari & Bruce Novkov

Bob & Angie Warren & Tom

Bob Cochran & Linda 

So great having Dan Malmgren at the reunion!

Emma, Anne & Lance Carsten, Brian & Jo Jones

Jay Haugen and Nancy Hann

The Linda Larson's & Bill & Susie

Jim Bomkamp & Lance Carsten & Dan Ehrlich

The Pughs & the Hortons & the Carstens

Tom & Joyce & Marty Brandt

Ira & Nancy, Jim Bomkamp, Mike & Lynn Greenwood & Joyce

Lance & Ann welcoming Stu