Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bill Folz

I first came to a Hand in Hand concert in 1975 
through the invite of a friend, Chuck McDevitt. I came with 2 other friends. 
We were smoking pot all the way to the door, 
not realizing we would have an encounter with the Lord.

These long hair hippies that we were, saw the Light and responded, 
"Jesus freaks, let's get the he.. out of here". Freaked us out. 
Only to find myself coming to Christ a year later 
and returning to Hand in Hand and Open Door as my home in 1976. 
I was asked to emcee and do the challenge to accept Christ by Tom Allen, 
which I did from 1978 to 1980. 
I stayed involved in the "follow up" program until the Lord chose to close Hand in Hand.
Still, the greatest impact on me was to be around the people who had a heart
to see kids come to Christ through the music outreach. 
It was a great movement of the Spirit in those times! 
Yet our God is not a one dance God, He has more to do through all of us, 
even if it never looks like what happened in the days of Hand in Hand! 
The remembrance of God in the days of Hand in Hand 
are a declaration of our God who is the same today and forever!
Blessed be His Name!
See you all at the reunion! 
Or as Bernie always said, "here, there, or in the air!"
Peace and grace be unto you all ~  Bill Folz 
Hey, check out that awesome sound booth!

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