Monday, April 25, 2011

Peter Robb

Many of you were sure hoping to see Peter Robb at the Hand in Hand reunion. Well, he wanted you to know that he "hopes the reunion was a great success filled with lots of happy memories"... and then he caught us up on the past 30 years of his life.
The quick report on Peter's Life - 30 Years Later: 
Married to Genevieve for 22 years. She came into the marriage with a substantial dowry - 3 kids! She's a little older than me so I started family life at age 32 with a daughter in college (Indra), a daughter in high school (Krishna) and a son in 6th grade (Marques). We adopted Marissa whom we brought home from the hospital as a newborn. (She is now 19.)

We moved to Eugene in 1993 for graduate school in choral conducting and never left. Marissa grew up here and is just getting ready to get her own apartment. The older kids all eventually moved to Eugene where we enjoy a rich family life with six grandkids. (My official grandparent moniker is Pop Pop.)

We have been running an international treble choir festival for fourteen years now in collaboration with the renowned Oregon Bach Festival. And we are in season twelve of a community youth choir organization called Oregon Festival Choirs. It has been a very rewarding and extremely demanding vocational path. Getting through the past couple years has been some of the toughest and richest experiences of our lives. You can click Oregon Festival Choirs to get a better picture of what I do.

I packed in my composition work for about a decade. I returned to composing in 2008 and it has been a fascinating journey. Had a couple of high profile performances in the past month at Carnegie Hall and the national conference of the American Choral Directors Assn in Chicago. (Check out my profile photo albums for a travelogue of the NYC adventure.) It was all a bit surreal and seems like another life now that I'm back to the daily routine of running our non-profit community music organization in little ole Eugene.

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.
All the best,

Well, after the reunion Randy remastered Peter Robb's Collage, that was recorded back in 1983, and made CD's for Tom Allen and Rand Mozingo. Then we asked Peter if we could make them available on the Hand in Hand Discography... which is a list of Hand in Hand CD's that you can order. He agreed after he heard the recording for himself! Yes!

He also wanted to include the following credits-
Matter of Time and Batter my Heart were recorded by the band 80F ~ Rand Mozingo, Gordon Barr, Matt Chew, Jerry Shurley, Johnny Heath and Jeff Casey on drums. The other songs were my own tracks from various sessions.

Thanks Peter! So fun reconnecting with you. Let us know whenever you're in town and we'll plan a mini-reunion just for you! 

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