Wednesday, March 23, 2011

facebook HiH stories

 I took these stories & testimonials off the Hand in Hand facebook group page.

Von Wagner - I have some wonderful memories at Hand in Hand.
Their concerts were a Godsend for a young man of 21 who had just given his heart to God and fresh out of a secular rock band.
What a wonderful alternative to worldly music.
I took my girlfriend there several times and she liked it as well. She later became my wife.
We have wonderful memories together as a young couple just starting off in their walk with God and going to these great christian concerts at Hand in Hand.
Too bad the building is gone now but the memories will live on.
Some of the bands I saw there were,
Won By One, Glory Road, Trilogy, Randy Thompson and of course Bernies band.
Thank you.

Jim Bomkamp - Wow, what a blessing to see you all and to read through Bernie's 30th Anniversary page! Truly, Hand in Hand and ODF had a huge impact in my spiritual life and journey, especially Bill and Bernie. After coming to Christ in Jan. of 73' and being rescued from a life of sin and the hippie lifestyle, in all of its various forms, I moved to Phoenix in 75' to go to Grand Canyon Co. to study the Bible. I immediately gravitated towards the Hand in Hand concerts after beginning school.

In 78', I began to attend ODF and was asked to join Promise w/ Lee Chestnut, as a lead guitar player. We were more of a rock oriented group than previously had played at Hand in Hand, I believe. Bernie Rolfe wrote the music for us and directed us, and we were together a year and a half or so I believe.

6 months later, I was asked to play guitar in Trilogy, a jazz rock group directed by Bernie who wrote for us. The three years together was a huge musical challenge for me but also a great blessing.

Jacob Saul - Barb, D'Ann and I think of you and Steve often. Thank you for this site and a way to connect. I attended Hand In Hand in the audience as I am not a musician, at all. Tom Allen says I helped him write the first HiH discipleship booklet and I remember doing a little. I became more involved when Open Door started in order to disciple and provide a local body for many who were coming to Jesus through the ministry. I laid down a lot of carpet squares. D'Ann and I were part of the coffee house ministry of Arizona Bible Camp and worked with the New Beginning at several of those.
Again, thanks. 

P.S. Jacob Saul is a nom de plume I'm trying to promote through Facebook. I'm Jim Pruitt.

David Michael Lees - My Hand In Hand (HIH) story: The band New Jerusalem was losing John Brown as one of their guitar players. I auditioned and joined the band as his replacement. Band members included Gary Wilson, Dan Erlich, Jerry Esh, Stu Golladay, Jesse Goldstein. I also performed at HIH as Dave Lees, Dave Lees and Friends and in the band Threshold (Stu Golladay-Sherry Covington-Dave Baker-Larry Lee). Through HIH I became involved with ODF where I was in a discipleship group with Bill Thrall. I moved to Denver to attend Bible college and met my wife, Marsha. Upon graduation, we returned to Phx and ODF/HIH. My return was, unfortunately, simultaneous with the demise of HIH. Bernie Rolfe and I briefly formed a band together that rehearsed, but never actually performed. The economy in Phx was very tough at the time and jobs were scarce. Marsha and I eventually moved back to Denver where gainful employment awaited. That was in 1983.

And just so you know, Jim Bomkamp is coming all the way from Green Bay,Wisconsin to the Reunion. And David Lees is coming from Dover, Delaware! How awesome is that!
You can still register to come to the Reunion through this weekend.
COME ON!! Register HERE!

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